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History - 2017 TIRE RACK One Lap of America

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Congratulations Hugh Bate and Devin Bruce!
Car 6
1st Overall
SSGT1 BB Winner
Stock GT Winner
Hugh Bate and Devin Bruce
Car #6 Chariots of Palm Beach
2013 Chariots of Palm Beach GTR
Car 9
2nd Overall
Car #9 Speedconcepts
Todd Treffert & Tyson Timperley
2012 Porsche 911
Car 3
3rd Overall
Car #3 Special Construction Class Winner
The Brock Yates Tribute Fund
D.J. (Jack) Beachem II and Victor Leo
2014 Ariel Atom OLOA Special
Car 5
4th Overall
Car #5
Bob Knoerzer and Derek Heim
2013 Datsun GT-R
Car 8
5th Overall
Car #8 Complete Performance Motorsports
Steve Loudin and Tom Drewer
2008 Dodge Viper
Car 14
6th Place
Car #7 Shaky Dog Racing
Christopher Lewis & Tina Lewis
2015 Chevy Vette
Car 10
7th Place
Car #10 Team CVM
Chuck Veth & Christie Veth 2017 Porsche Rear Engine
Car 14
8th Place
Car #14 Stock GT Winner
Ann's Cookie Express
Andy Hollis & Ann Hollis
2016 NIssan GT-R
Car 17
9th Place
Car #17 Team Slick
Danny Schlickenmeyer, Graham Schlickenmeyer & Joshua Schlickenmeyer
2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Car 11
10th Place
Luxury Sedan Class Winner
Car #11 BMW Performance Driving School
Stock Touring Winner
Mike Schnell Renner & Steve Maguire
2017 BMW M3 Competition Package
Car 42
SSGT1 SB Class Winner
14th Overall
Car #42 Do More With Less
Matt DeReus & Bradley Yonkers
2003 BMW M3
Car 34
SSGT2 BB Class Winner
12th Overall
Car #34
Mike Maier & Andrew McKee
2017 Ford Mustang
Car 18
SSGT2 SB Class Winner
15th Overall
Car #18 Team MDORPHN
Neil Simon & Brian Hair
2011 BMW 1M
Car 55
Econo Class Winner
45th Overall
Car #55
Chris League & Aaron Gastrich
2015 Ford Fiests ST
Car 36
Mid-Priced Sedan Class Winner
20th Overall
Car #54
Bob Murray & Matt Hubbard
2017 Ford Focus RS
Car 47
Retro Car Class Winner
46th Overall
Car #47 Red (head) Markus Pizzali, Harold Andermatt and Katie Poletti
2010 Chevrolet HHR SS
Car 61
Vintage American Class Winner
36th Overall
Car #61 TEAM Mustang Rabbit Racing
Charles Lovelady & Susan Lovelady
1984 Chevrolet C-4 Corvette "The Dude"
Car 51
Vintage Foreign Class Winner
26th Overall
Car#51 Slo-Motion Speed
Chris Porter & Herman Porter
1986 PoorVette 948
Car 75
Alternative Fuel Class Winner
63rd Overall
Car #75 FAST TDI
Jenna Wagner, Jack Wagner & Steve Wright
2010 VW Jetta TDI Cup